Global Refugee Crisis


Why This Debate and Why Now?

One of the world’s biggest challenges is the refugee crisis: the movement of people fleeing violence, persecution, human rights violations and natural disasters, and their obstacles to resettlement. The number of forcibly displaced people has never been higher, at 68.5 million today, 25 million of whom are refugees crossing international borders, according to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). More than half of these individuals come from Sudan, Afghanistan and Syria. The crisis is growing. What can we all do about it? How can individuals take action to help solve the issue? 

Our Participants


Three speakers, three perspectives. Each invited speaker presents a view and opinion on a possible solution to a world challenge.

Muzoon Almellehan​

Syrian refugee and
education activist

Marc Lamont Hill

American academic,
author and activist

Douglas Murray

British author
and journalist




The role of connector is a bridge–builder, combining elements of each opinion to create an unorthodox, challenging response that deconstructs arguments and examines their consequences.

Sanam Naraghi–Anderlini

Peace campaigner, author and
consultant to the UN


Our moderator assists the speakers and audience throughout the show and is the audience’s advocate for accuracy and insight.

Ghida Fakhry

International broadcast journalist and award–winning presenter


Our correspondent acts as the voice of the outside world during our live debate.

Nelufar Hedayat

Award–winning journalist and documentary maker

Our debate will take place Feb. 26, 2019, at

Northwestern University in Qatar

6 p.m. (Doha Local Time)

Watch the debate live on
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How to Join the Debate

Studio Audience If you are a student in Qatar, you can apply to be in the live studio audience here.

Watch the Livestream

Doha Debates will broadcast live exclusively on Twitter from @DohaDebates. Join the conversation using the hashtag #DearWorld

New York 10 a.m.
London 3 p.m.
Berlin 4 p.m.
Johannesburg 5 p.m.
Doha 6 p.m.
Mumbai 8:30 p.m.

Refugees: Doha Debates Asks

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Refugees on Manus Island Speak Out

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